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Cadastral Survey

Cadastral surveys deal with one of the oldest and most fundamental facets of human society-ownership of land. They are the surveys that create, mark, define, retrace, or reestablish the boundaries and subdivisions of the public lands.


They are not like scientific surveys of an informative character, which may be amended due to the availability of additional information or because of changes in conditions or standards of accuracy. Although cadastral surveys employ scientific methods and precise measurements, they are based upon law and not upon science.



Construction Set Out


The first stage of any major project is to mark it out on site. VS ENGINEERS & CONSULTANT has the proven ability to get things off to a good start. Our specialized equipment and software make short work of:

  • Construction and clearing limits
  • Batter set out
  • Pavement lift stakes
  • Culvert set out
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Certification of tolerance


3D monitoring


We scan all types of large scale objects such as normal buildings, heritage sites (including but not limited to historic buildings), industrial sites and mine workings. We provide our clients with a point cloud, the rough data gathered through scanning.




The point cloud itself consists of many millions of data points is a very precise 3D model of the scanned object. Though for most applications an unprocessed point cloud is too big it can be used by software like Pointools for:

  • making visualisations of the object
  • taking simple measurements
  • Pavement lift stakes
  • comparing the actual state of the object against project objectives


Practical applications include:

  • Buildings and heritage sites
  • industrial sites
  • Civil engineering applications (bridges, roads, railway junctions, etc.)
  • Mine works



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Vssan Instruments organising an event for Survey instruments at Grand Imperia Raipur on 15 June 2015 with Honorable Chief Guest Mr Rajesh Munat...


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